Audition & Rehearsal Info

We are excited to be one of the first theatres in Southern California to safely resume on-site performances as we prepare to audition for numerous onstage roles and a small number of backstage opportunities for ages 6th grade through adult for the musical The Wizard of Oz. Auditions will be held over Zoom on February 26th at 6 PM OR February 27th at 9 AM. Use the links below to access the auditions.

If you are auditioning for a lead role you MUST prepare a 30-second (no longer) song to sing without music. Your song MUST be from The Wizard of Oz. Ensemble roles will be expected to sing in the show but will not be required to sing for the audition. Rehearsals and performances for this show are going to be different. Please read all the details below so that you and your parents can make an informed decision about auditioning.

1. This will be a highly scaled back show. One-hour performances will be held outdoors in June AND two shows will be offered by livestream for those who want to watch from home. There will be no choreography and highly limited sets, props and blocking. All actors will perform in costume.

2. All rehearsals will be one-hour long and will consist of a hybrid model of both online Zoom rehearsals AND on-site rehearsals. For March and the majority of April, your Monday and Thursday evening rehearsals will be over Zoom and the Saturday morning rehearsals will be on-site. The on-site rehearsals will primarily be held outdoors and we have purchased numerous PPE dividers to help maintain safety and social distancing. Additionally, each scene of the show will be simplified and constructed so as to maintain as much social distancing as possible between the actors and ensemble members.

3. All cast and crew will be asked to sign a waiver in regards to Covid and all cast and crew will be required to complete health screenings and temperature checks at EVERY on-site rehearsal. Masks will also be required during all on-site rehearsals.

4. Please note that NONE of our on-site rehearsals and performances will be in violation of current or future guidelines for public gatherings as issued by the Health Department.

If you feel that any of these requirements and rehearsal details will be a challenge for you or your parents, please do NOT audition. There will be several more performance opportunities for you in 2021!

We are supremely confident that with the current health guidelines and vaccination schedule along with the precautions we have taken, we can rehearse and perform this show safely and professionally. We will make any adjustments necessary along the way to the production and/or schedule to best tend to the safety of our participants.

This is a TUITION-FREE opportunity!