July 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm
In the spirit of creativity and innovation, we are holding our first ever digital showcase...think of it as an online talent show! We are partnering with artists from USC to create several workshops that will meet weekly via Zoom and will culminate in an online performance on June 26th. Please read the information below and fill out the registration form to participate. If you wish to perform with a specific group of friends, you can use the additional "Name" fields to indicate who will be in your group HOWEVER, each person in the group must fill out a registration form. Please note that Mr. Travis must see and approve all performances prior to the event and that rehearsals are highly encouraged.
You have the option to participate in a workshop with a USC student director or you can perform on your own but you must "audition" for Mr. Travis and you may be requested to attend online rehearsals with a director who is qualified to coach you on your performance. Registration closes June 1 and then you will receive an email with your placement and rehearsal schedule. The following workshops are available:
SONGWRITING: Participants will work with a mentor to discover their own process/creative flow and write a song. Participants will also have their opportunity to perform their songs (be sure to check the singing option
as well

SINGING: Enhance your vocal ability, style, and technique in this class! You may either have a song prepared and work with a leader in rehearsals or sing a song written in the songwriting class.

FILM AND EDITING: The film class will show the behind-the-scenes of cinematography including filming at home, shooting scenes, and editing.

WRITING: Writers in this workshop can prepare a script, skit, scene, monologue, or anything they desire to do! This class centralizes on creating hard-hitting work. This can also be passed onto the acting class (if you would like to also perform, make sure to click the acting class).

ACTING: For those who love or aspire to be on stage, the acting class will help you hone in on your talents.

DANCE: This course is an opportunity to receive a dance masterclass.

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